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The 4 essential personality traits to be aware of when dating a Russian beauty

Are you familiar with the old saying; everything worth having is worth fighting for? Well this saying defiantly rings true when dealing with Russian women. While Russian women are strikingly gorgeous and make fantastic girlfriends and wives, they defiantly have an aggressive and combative side that must be tolerated.


5 ways to land a hot & sexy Russian woman

If you are a non-Russian looking to date a Russian, having some basic instructions will prove to be very helpful. Of course the general rules of dating are required and Russian women are not that different from any other women, they do have they own little oddities.

6 ways to determine if your Russian girl is only after your money

Over the last few years I have been exclusively dating Russian women. I have had some great experiences and some not so great experiences. Many Russian women are gorgeous on inside and out and truly date foreign men for love.

7 Reasons you should date a Russian woman

I have always been fascinated and turned on by Russian women. How could you not, they are smart, attractive and aggressive. All the things I love in a woman. While I have dated many other nationalities and races none have impressed me like the Russians.

Are Russian girls too good to be true?

Hot, sexy, confident, well dressed and willing to date me? This has to be too good to be true. I recently met a super-hot Russian girl and when I asked for her number she said yes. Even better the number was not a fake.

How to create a winning profile when trying to land a Russian girlfriend

The invention of the internet has made dating easier than ever and finding the perfect match starts with the perfect profile. Unfortunately for most people this seems to be the place they spend the least amount of time.

Looking for a wife with old fashion values? Marry a Russian

Trying to find one person you want to spend the rest of your life is a tall order. If this search includes finding a woman with traditional values can be even more difficult.

Russian girls versus American girls

I have had a lot of experience dating both Russian and American girls and these experiences have given me a lot of insight into the difference between the two.

Searching for a Russian woman? Here is what you need to know

Russian women are hot, smart and sexy. So, it really is no wonder that foreign men are highly interested in finding ways to meet and date them. Thanks to the internet it has never been so easy to find and connect with Russian women.

Trying to score a Russian girlfriend? Here is what you need to know

Approaching any female in search of potentially scoring a date or a future relationship, can be a highly nerve racking experience. And when the female is Russian the nervous factor seems to multiply. Russian women are sexy, feminine and full of glamour, but they can also be aggressive, upfront and downright intimidating.

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